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Our Goals

Deeper Connections

We want to connect and collaborate for the sake of transformed lives through the power of narrative art!

What You Can Expect

Excellent Material. Excellent Support. Integrity!

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Justin Parks

Justin Parks


Jon Lorenz

Jon Lorenz

The Filter

Ethel Simmons

Ethel Simmons

Sombrero Grandma

Joshua Tucker

Joshua Tucker

The Nerd


Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the vetting process for new material?

We read it and if it’s decent, we’ll try it out.

What’s the average price for licensing

Cost ranges from free to very reasonable. No matter which way you spin it, this is the best place to get good material without having to deal with those hose-monkies at the big publishers.

Can I preview something before I buy it?

Absolutely! You can check something out before purchasing any sort of license. We encourage that!

Is Justin single?

Sorry ladies! He’s taken.

What is a Theater Arcade?

An arcade is like a bazaar or community marketplace. So this is where you come to join the community of creators.

When will you tell me if my submission has been approved?

As soon as we get around to it. Be patient. Sheesh!